A Great Buying Opportunity At A Huge Discount

The COVID-19 global pandemic and the Saudi-Russian price war in the Oil market have caused substantial fundamental distress for the markets worldwide, which in turn has created plenty of tremendous opportunities for intelligent and proactive investors.
We will outline some of these profitable investment opportunities in our analysis below.

It is the beginning of April, 2020 and the stock market in the US is about to finish a very strong week of rising prices after the huge sell-off caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the February-March period.

In the last week of February the stock market in the US finished the trading week after a massive sell-off in just few days. In fact, at that time this was officially considered as the worst week for the equity markets since the financial crisis of 2008. The major reason for the initial drop as well as for the subsequent total market collapse in March was associated with the exponential growth of the spreading of COVID-19 and the fear among people, companies and governments that millions of people could lose their lives and that this public health crisis could send us into a full-blown global depression by the time we find a way to fight the virus medically. The biggest indices in the US – the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average entered into a correction territory in just 6 days as virus cases soared, economists lowered their growth estimates, and companies withdrew their revenue forecasts for the year.

Even though the infection rate in China has slowed down after strict quarantine orders and factory shutdowns, the coronavirus’ fears have further increased since the virus has already spread out around all continents except Antarctica. Brazil was among the latest countries to announce its first case of coronavirus in February, which made it the first reported case in South America. The most recent information shows that countries like Italy, Spain and UK are some of the hardest hit regions in Europe with tens of thousands of recorded infections and thousands of deaths. Furthermore, the coronavirus situation in the United States has been worsening a lot as well and the country has already got more than 430,000 people affected by the virus and has shown new record deaths of around 2,000 a day in the past few days.

Some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies out there are already working towards looking for a coronavirus treatment while the virus keeps expanding into new countries and territories and causing more affections and deaths. This of course in turn has been extremely negative for the financial markets and the equity markets in particular.

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