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The Dow Experts have developed an innovative market approach, based on the historically proven and highly-respected investment theory created by Charles Dow at the end of the 19th century.

We have synthesized all of the knowledge and years of professional market experience for you in thorough but yet easy to understand market analyses and recommendations, which will help you to maximize the returns of your investment portfolio.

  • Do you want to build long-term financial success?
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We help you read, analyze and profit with care

“The present is always tending toward the future and there are
always in existing conditions signals of danger or encouragement for those who read with care”

– Charles Dow

The economic environment on a global scale continues to become more complex every day and investors are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. There is too much contradicting information out there and investors tend to get confused as to what and who to follow. The Dow Experts aim to help everyone interested in allocating capital to the markets to eliminate all of the noise and focus on proven market theories and strategies that have been around for more than a century.

Starting as a foundation with the famous Dow theory and it’s core concept of correlation and confirmation between two key indices, we have created an innovative investment approach, based on strong market correlations and developed for the modern day market. Unlike the basic Dow Theory, we have built our strategy not only on technical analysis, but also on the current fundamental factors driving the market. Identifying and understanding major correlations in the market and being able to compare different industries and sectors (Technology, Services, Communication, Retail etc.) would allow investors to learn, apply and follow our organizations’ exponential growth.

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