Trading Academy

Our Mission

Our Trading Academy is the natural evolution of our passion to help young investors in learning the basics of trading and investing. The goal is to share with you our knowledge that we have acquired throughout the last 10 years and help you succeed in these complicated and volatile markets. Statistics show that 90% of uneducated retail traders end up generating losses over time. Let us help you join the elite 10% club of profitable traders. Join now and start your trading journey in the right way for free!

  • Helping young investors to get started in the market in the right way
  • Educate people on some of the most important rules, terms and correlations in Finance & Investing
  • Teaching people how to build and manage their own investment portfolios
  • Eliminate some of the most common trading and investing mistakes that beginners in trading usually make.

Trading Academy Blueprint

Week 1

Foundation Week

  • Basic Finance Theory
  • Basic Economics and Investment Theory
  • Terms you need to know
  • And much more…

Week 2

Cultivation Week

  • Intro to the markets
  • Guide to Fundamental Analysis
  • Guide to Technical Analysis
  • And much more…

Week 3

Growth Week

  • Types of stocks
  • The art of Research and Stock picking
  • Portfolio Managment
  • And much more…

Week 4

Expansion Week

  • Assistance in creating a Demo Account
  • Investing in stocks real time
  • 1 on 1 Trading with an Expert
  • And much more…
Trading Academy Perks and Bonuses:
  • Exclusive access to a closed WhatsApp group where our professional analysts will help you understand the fundamentals of investing and trading
  • A clear understanding of what it takes to be successful in the markets – From basic fundamentals in week 1 to Advanced Trading Strategies and real-time trading in Week 4
  • No money needed to participate in the Academy, only motivation and a thirst for knowledge
  • At the end of the Academy you will test your newly acquired knowledge with our Final Test
  • Upon graduating from Dow Experts Trading Academy you will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • All of our Trading Academy graduates will receive special promotional packages and discounts for our Subscription plans if they decide to stay in our community for the long term.
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