The NFT Club

What is it?

Our NFT Club is a one of a kind place where unique digital art work meets financial education and charity. We’ve put in a lot of efforts in coming up with this innovative idea and incorporating it into the Dow Experts Finance ecosystem. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are not only passionate about the study of Finance and eager to succeed in the global financial markets, but are also interested in digital art collectibles and providing support to charitable organizations around the world. The value of the unique digital art pieces that you will find on this page comes not only from their attractive visual characteristics delivered by the creative genius of our artist and their scarcity but also from the real world services and benefits that the owners of these NFTs are entitled to receive.

As financial experts, we understand the importance of building the proper economic and utility structure for an NFT project if you want for it to succeed in the long run. You see, NFTs are indeed one of the best community building tools that an organization can use in order to strengthen the bond with its followers and also provide them with additional value. The only way to ensure that your NFT collection will be successful for the years to come is to find a way to bring the most amount of value to your community through that particular NFT collection. People need to be encouraged to not only buy your digital art work in order to flip it later on the secondary market, as it is the case with 95% of the newly released NFT collections, but to rather hold and use these unique digital items, enjoying real life rewards and benefits as a result.

What inspired us?

Hundreds if not thousands of NFT projects have come live in recent months, making bold statements and promises to revolutionize a certain area of life, business or both. As in everything else, some may succeed but many won’t. At any rate, what’s similar across most of the new NFT collections out there is that the whole idea behind these projects revolves around the promise that some type of a future digital reality (metaverse) and/or a game will be developed at some point in the future by the team using the funds from the sale of the NFTs. That’s where presumably the owners of these NFTs will be able to interact with one another digitally, and that’s what is expected to increase the value of these NFTs in the future.

Now, let’s face it.. while this all sounds great there are many “ifs” and “buts” in this whole concept. We see these uncertainties as potential risks, risks that are entirely carried by the NFT owner.

Ask yourself the following questions:

“What if such metaverse and/or a game never gets built?”
“What am I supposed to do with this $1,000 jpeg.?”;
“What if the team behind the NFT project doesn’t have the technical expertise to actually build the things that they are promising on?”;
“What if they build something with a sub-par quality, and people simply do not want to use it?”;
“What if the team decides to keep the raised funds for themselves instead of investing it back into the company and respectively the project?”
“How many digital realities will there be in the future – 100, 500, 1,000 etc. ?”;
“How many games would you have to participate in order to see any value from purchasing these NFTs?” so on and so forth.

The point here is that all you are getting when buying most of the NFTs on the market right now is a promise of a hypothetical future value. This reminds us awfully a lot to the ICO boom in the crypto space back in 2017, where every ICO project was promising to change the world, but unfortunately the reality was quite different. Many projects turned out to be complete scams and investors were left holding the bag at the end, while the people behind these ICOs ran away with all of the raised funds. Now, these are historical facts and the reason why we are bringing them up is to help you see the bigger picture together with all of the hidden risks that exist in the space. We are by no means trying to throw dirt on other NFT projects and/or be bearish about the NFT market as a whole. However, it is an undeniable fact that the amount of credit, leverage, speculation and gambling in the crypto space at the moment is at historic highs and many market participants do not fully grasp the risks that they are undertaking.

NFT Collections

The Crew

This is a unique NFT collection of 5 highly distinctive and scarce digital assets enhanced with remarkable real-world utility and benefits that their owners will be able to enjoy within our educational ecosystem. To make things even more special, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of every NFT will be donated to a charitable organization of YOUR choice. This will allow us to reach and help people outside of our community as well. 

Kingdom Trades Challenge

Season 1

This is the FIRST NFT based and blockchain powered competition for traders and investors with actual cash prizes and professional development opportunities for those of you who prove that they have what it takes to make it in the market. The collection consists of 52 unique and highly distinctive cards, each one bringing a different trading challenge and reward, which could be respectively completed and received only by the owner of the card!

NFT Collection 3 - TBA

To be announced..

Support a cause that matters

10% of the revenue generated from the sale of our next NFT will be donated to the charity with the highest amount of votes.
Please select one of the options below as a charity you would like us to support and let’s make the world a better place together!

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