In recent years the oil and gas industry has seriously fallen out of favor among investors globally on the back of environmental concerns and the widespread adoption of alternative renewable energy sources and systems. However, some of the Energy companies like Chevron are still among the largest corporations in the world with a remarkable impact on the economy. Why is that? Well, it’s simple, because the fact of the matter is that our economy cannot function and operate efficiently at the moment without fossil fuels.

As you can understand being a traditional energy giant focused on drilling, refining and selling Oil and Natural Gas, is definitely not easy in an era where everyone is trying to go “green” and save the planet.

It is not uncommon for some of the Oil giants to be part of heated political, corporate and social debates, conversations and discussions over climate change policy. Listen, it’s a fact that we need to do something to stop the global warming and the worldwide climate changes. However, don’t you agree that we need to find the most efficient, practical and technically sustainable method of reducing CO2 emissions? The solution doesn’t have to be flashy, modern, trendy, fancy.. it simply has to work. After all, we need to be objective when evaluating the global climate problem and understand that changes need to be made, but the fact of the matter is that the global economy simply CANNOT currently function without commodities like Oil & Gas. Most of the solar and wind alternatives do not have the capacity to completely replace the traditional energy sources.

Let us give you just few examples about the actual statistics behind some of the most popular renewable energy sources out there

  • 1 electric-car battery weighs 0.5 tonnes, but fabricating it takes over 250 tonnes of earth – digging, transporting and processing it somewhere around the world

  • Building a 100MW wind farm, which could power 75,000 homes takes over 30,000 tonnes of Iron Ore; 50,000 tonnes of concrete and 900 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic for the blades

  • Building a 100 MW solar farm, which could again power 75,000 homes takes 150% more in cement, steel and glass

  • The need of rare earth materials – Lithium, Cobalt, Copper, Iridium, Dysprosium. In order to meet these needs the world will have to see a 200-2,000% increase in the mining activities related to these minerals. This will create massive new mining operations in developing countries where pristine natural areas will be destroyed

  • The mining requires massive amounts of conventional energy (fossil fuels) and more energy intensive industrial processes needed for refining the materials and the build the solar or wind hardware

  • The waste problem – Solar and wind systems have a technical lifespan of around 20 years. By 2050 projections show that the amount of disposed solar panels (waste) will be twice as big as all of today’s plastic waste

  • It costs about the same to drill 1 oil well as it costs to build a giant wind turbine. However, while the wind turbine generates the energy equivalent of 1 barrel of Oil per hour, the Oil well generates 10 barrels per hour. Furthermore, it costs around $0.50 to store a barrel of oil or nat gas, while you need $200 worth of batteries in order to store the energy of 1 barrel of Oil.

Now, please understand us correctly – we care tremendously about our planet and want to see nature being preserved, protected and taken care of. However, our job as researchers is to look at all of the available statistics and reach objective conclusions based on the facts. Thus, the above-mentioned facts are given to you with one main goal and that’s to inform and educate you. Furthermore, you should ask yourself why is no body mentioning any of these facts and statistics on any of the major news outlets out there? Well, because the push towards renewable energy sources and systems comes together with hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars that will be spent in the next decade in that space. Investors, companies and governments stand to generate a remarkable monetary gain from pushing these technologies forward, but the truth is that their capacity is simply not able to completely replace the legacy energy sources. Last but not least, the processes of producing and then disposing all of the structural components of a solar or wind farm requires and involves a huge, expensive and impractical infrastructure with heavy digging, mining and construction intensive processes which consume large amounts of fossil fuel driven energy. Thus, we need to keep looking for other alternatives and continue to rely on technology to get us to where we would really have a reliable alternative source of energy that will be environment friendly.


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