Is the technology leader a good bargain at the current price?

Founded back in 1976 in California, Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and sells iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple TV, Mac personal computers, Apple Watches, AirPods and HomePod. The company powers these devices by software applications including iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems. Moreover, Apple also provides iCloud, Apple Pay and a variety of other accessories, service and support to its customers globally.

The company sells its products through its retail & online stores and by using a direct sales approach along with third-party cellular wholesalers, retailers, resellers and network carriers.

Recent developments, new products & services

Going back to the second quarter of last year, Apple released an iPad Air and an updated iPad mini, featuring Apple Pencil compability and Retina displays.

Moreover, the company updated its iMac’s compute and graphics performance. Apple also updated its AirPods with the hands-free option “Hey Siri” as well as an option of a wireless charging case.

Apple also announced its subscription-based Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card, new Apple TV App, Apple TV channels and Apple TV+, which is the company’s latest subscription service providing an over-the-top ad-free video on demand web television service, which debuted on November 1, 2019.

At its debut, Apple TV+ was accessible in 100 countries and different territories, which is quite promising for the service’s expectations and performance for the future. Here it is important to say that analysts working on evaluating the performance of the product and the expectations for the future have been claiming that Apple’s TV+ subscription based service is an advantage over other streaming services, debuting at approximately the same time in a more limited number of countries, such as Disney+, and also because Apple distributes its content through its

own service instead of using third-party licensed content used by better established streaming services, such as Hulu.
Apple’s new TV+ has a goal to expand the company’s service revenues by recurring monthly charge distributed video content, which has been made available widely to the public. Considering the success of Apple’s latest products and the great financial performance the company has kept on showing especially in the past 5 years, we believe the company’s TV+ will be another great service provided by the tech leader, which is expected to increase the company’s revenues and profits, which in turn would boost shareholders’ returns and profits in the future.

Apple’s financial performance

We have been closely analyzing the fundamentals surrounding the company especially in the past 5 years. We have already mentioned above Apple’s new products, services and features expected to boost the leading technology company’s revenues and profits in the future. By analyzing the company’s financial statements in the past 5 years,

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