Who are the Dow Experts?

We are a team of experienced finance professionals brought together by a common passion – investment innovation.

The team at “Dow Experts” believes that the always changing market environment requires for a dynamic, flexible and innovative investment approach, which investors could apply across different markets, industries and sectors.

Our experts have vast professional experience working for international banks, consulting firms, investment funds etc. This allows us to deliver high-quality analyses and reports on various different markets, industries and sectors and educate you on how the financial markets work.

Thus, by combining over 100 years of joined market experience, our certified investment analysts at “Dow Experts” spent the last 24 months researching, analyzing, comparing, calculating and building our complex investment strategy. As a result, our clients have managed to improve their investment returns with up to 65%.

What Inspired us?

Our trading and investing philosophy is inspired by the Dow Theory, invented by Charles Dow at the end of the 19th century.
The founder of the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) found a strong positive correlation between the DJIA and the Dow Jones Transportation Average which he used to develop his detailed market analysis.

Charles Dow is considered to be the father of modern technical analysis and his approach and overall philosophy have been widely used and followed by the wealthiest individual and institutional investors for more than a century.

There is more

Considering the fact that the equity markets in the early 20th century had much more different overall drivers for their growth like production, manufacturing, heavy machinery etc. we can see why Charles Dow focused his attention and analysis on the DJIA and the DJTA as these are the indices representing most accurately these specific industries. However, the US and Global equity markets have experienced a substantial transformation in the last 50 years as a result of the shift in the economic importance of different industries and sectors. Manufacturing as an industry still plays an important role for the economic development of the modern world, with around 10-11% contribution to the US GDP in 2018. However, its impact has seen continuous decline since the turn of the 21st century as a result of the upraise of other leading sectors. For example, currently the world economy is mainly driven by sectors like Services, Technology, Communication and Retail, as they contribute for up to 90% of the US and EU GDP’s. Thus, we saw the need of building an investment strategy that fits the modern day environment, providing thorough market analysis of the leading industries and sectors in today’ s world.

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